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Conference Presentations, Talks and Workshop Filming

Types of Events

  • Business Conference Filming
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Lectures & Talks
  • Product Launches
  • Award Shows
  • Festivals
  • Networking Events

Can Include

  • Single, dual or multicamera setups
  • Embeded slides, videos or other media
  • Backup audio service.
  • Delivery of raw footage
  • Interviews
  • Additional Graphics/Branding/Titles
  • Animated Logo
  • Distribution to YouTube/ Social Media

Live Capture Of Presentation And Slides

We use the latest and best technology to capture and present talks, presentations and workshops in an engaging and highly accessible format. We can embed presentations, videos and other assets shown during the talk or presentation.

Complimentary Upload Service

Videos can be delivered online or uploaded directly to your publishing platform of choice whether this be your own website or Social platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Event Filming, Promotional Videos & Highlight Reels

Types of Events

  • Business Expos
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibition Filming
  • Festivals
  • Team Building Events
  • Networking Events

Can Include:

  • Single, dual or multicamera setups
  • Motion Graphics
  • Timelapses
  • Interviews
  • Additional Branding/Titles
  • Animated Logo

A promotional video, highlight reel or general event video is a proven way to increase attendance for ticketed events. Distributable online through Social Media; these types of social video have a far greater reach then ever before.

Your Promo video can include timelapses, interviews, motion graphics, music, clips of speakers, delegates and any key moments over the duration of your event.

Complimentary Upload Service

As part of any filming job, we will upload the final edited videos to one online platform of your choice.  This video can then often be embedded into other websites and shared on all of your social media platforms.

YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive Video Upload Service

Video Optimization Service

In addition, as an optional extra we also offer an optimization service designed with the intention to be as searchable as possible both on Google and on your chosen video platform so that your video(s) get as many views as possible.

As part of our video optimization service, we will:

  • Create an optimized title, description and keywords for the video.
  • Produce a high resolution thumbnail which would have graphics and your logo.
  • Produce an end screen with suggested videos to help direct users from one of your videos to another.
  • Manage the release times of your videos to ensure interest in your YouTube channel over a longer period.

Optimizing multiple videos can end up having a very beneficial effect with regards to increasing viewership of your YouTube channel and gaining more subscribers. This data can then be used to attract companies to sponsor your videos which can then help offset the filming costs.

Take A Look At Our Optimized Video

YouTube Channel Management and Comment Screening Service

We provide an inclusive management service for YouTube channels both big and small. The majority of our clients choose to display the videos we create on their YouTube channel, however they dont always have the time available to properly manage their channel or optimize it for better performance. Our YouTube management service gives our clients peace of mind that their channel is correctly optimized for the most views / viewer retention whilst any comments are handled in a professional manner.


Our service starts from £100 a month and includes:

  • Comment Screening, Management and Forwarding service.
  • Replying to comments
  • Channel Optimization
  • General Channel Management and Maintenance

Interested In Having Your Conference Or Event Filmed?


Automated Video Distribution Service

Creating videos of your conference or event can provide huge value when correctly executed. However, where many events fall short is in distributing their videos correctly and effectively to maximize viewership. This can be a time consuming process, especially if there’s a large volume of videos that need publicizing or if there are multiple distribution channels for each video to be promoted on. To address this, we have created a bespoke, automated, video distribution system.

Post New Videos

Our system will automatically push newly published videos out to your chosen social media accounts, blog, website or other compatible platforms. As videos are released on YouTube they are automatically pushed to your social accounts or platforms of your choice. The automated posts include a link to the video but can also be further customized to include hashtags (pulled from the video tags), pictures and other elements that can be pulled from the original video post on YouTube

Post Archive (Evergreen Content) on an Automated Schedule.

Archive videos can be posted out to your social accounts on a fixed schedule. This can provide additional value to older content (as long as its still relevant) and can provide a consistent posting base for your various social accounts. Videos can be pulled from your library of videos on YouTube and then posted to your social accounts every X hours. This has a benefit to the videos as they receive more promotion / exposure but also provides value to your social accounts by providing regular automated posts, even when their might not normally be someone available to do it (throughout the nighttime for example).

Can We Help Distribute Your Videos?

Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you improve your social media presence


Conference/Event Assets and Support Services

We can provide an array of supporting services to compliment our regular conference and events filming capabilities. We can generate assets a range of assets for your event from holding slides to provide a seamless transition from one speaker to the next, digital signage and agendas that provide attendees information regarding the event and schedule through to support services such as managing your media output, uploading videos and managing your YouTube or other Social accounts.

Conference and Event Services

  • Speaker Intro Slides
  • Animated Holding Slides
  • Digital Signage
  • Interviews
  • Speaker/Attendee Testimonials
  • Timelapses & Hyperlapses

Support Services:

  • Upload Service
  • YouTube Management
  • Advice and Help with Distribution
  • Media Archiving Service
  • Social Media Advice and Branding
  • Advice on Video Sponsorship

Interested In Having Your Conference Or Event Filmed?


Conference & Event AV Equipment Hire

Staging, Lighting and Projection

  • Full HD Projectors
  • Staging, podiums, risers etc
  • Lighting – Floor Lighting or Rigged
  • Mood Lighting
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Stage Monitors (for speaker reference)


  • Highly Qualified Sound Engineers
  • Full P.A Systems
  • Audio Stage Monitors
  • Microphones – Radio Mics, Handheld Mics, Audience ‘Catch’ Mics

We can provide a complete solution for your conference or event, including all necessary audio and projecton equipment, crew, lighting, staging and more. Our range of services, equipment and staff allow us to flexibly approach events of different scales, requirements and formats – from small, single track workshops through to mutlistage conferences running over a number of days.

Microphone Hire UK, Bristol & Bath
Mixer Hire UK, Bristol & Bath
Projector Hire UK, Bristol & Bath

ACCU Conference Case Study

The ACCU Conference is an annual, four day event aimed at developing and improving programming skills and has been running for 15 years in Bristol and is attended by 500+ delegates each year.

Each year, we are asked by ACCU & Archer Yates to provide the following services:

  • Create an animated logo to use both during and after the event
  • Provide and set up all the camera equipment for all five stages.
  • Record all the presentations from all five stages over the four days.
  • Record all of the slides from these presentations to then be embedded into the final videos.
  • Provide microphones as a backup in case there are issues with the microphones provided by the A.V company.
  • Edit these presentations and upload each of them to YouTube.
  • Create a promo video of the event.

We go through a number of steps to ensure that this service is carried out effectively each year.

“The Digital Medium team have been a great asset to us, particularly in the recording of session videos, enabling our ‘audience reach’ to increase dramatically over the last couple of years. Jim is always helpful and has been able to suggest and implement improvements in quality at each event.”

Julie ArcherACCU Conference

Ensuring A Stress Free Conference

In the months leading up to the ACCU Conference, we speak to Archer Yates and liase with the AV company to determine:

  • Where we can set up our cameras for each stage
  • What equipment we need to bring
  • What opportunities there are to backup any recorded footage

All this allows us to ensure that ACCU, Archer Yates and the AV company know what to expect from us when we arrive and to deal with any potential problems well before the event.

Typical Service

Each year we provide ACCU:

  • 3 Manned Cameras with editing
  • 2 Static cameras with editing
  • Capture of all presentation slides
  • Audio Backup
  • Complimentary Upload Service
  • Promo Video
  • Hard Drive Of All Raw Footage
  • Animated Logo

Brand Cohesion For The Event

As well as the planning, we also produce an animated logo for ACCU to use at the conference. This has a number of benefits:

  • Ensures the brand is strongly consistent and is represented across both the physical and digital representations of the conference which makes it easier for potential new delegates to make the association between the conference and its output
  • Can be used as a way to restart proceedings after a break
  • Can loop the animation during breaks rather than showing a blue screen.

200+ Talks & Presentations Recorded

Once we are at the event, we then set up our camera equipment and then recorded each of the 15+ talks & presentations that took place each day. As well as capturing the presentation, we also use our screen recorders to capture the speaker’s screen. This means that as well as capturing the user’s slides, if they move away from the presentation to play any videos or show any other information then the screen recorders will capture that as well. This is of great benefit to ACCU as the speakers often do coding demonstrations away from the PowerPoint presentation which are often integral to the whole presentation.

During the conference, we also have an on-site editor who is editing and uploading talks to YouTube as they are completed. Having an on-site editor allows us the facility to be uploading videos while the event is happening and also allows us to quickly and easily check the recorded footage.

At the end of each day, the footage is backed up to a hard drive. This hard drive is then sent to ACCU once all the talk videos have been edited.

YouTube Management

By allowing us to upload the talks from the conference ourselves, ACCU receive a number of benefits:

  • We are able to upload talks during the event increasing engagement from delegates.
  • Delegates are able to extend the conference by watching videos while they are travelling.
  • We are able to use our expertise to see how viewers are engaging with the content.

Reaching New Customers

We have produced a promotional video for the last two conferences. Each of these promotional videos effectively showcased ACCU as an event and highlighted both the learning opportunites avaliable at the conference as well as the fun social events. These promotional videos give ACCU an opportunity to promote their event away from the conference on YouTube and on social media which previously wasn’t possible.

Please click here to scroll back up and view the ACCU 2018 Promotional Video

5000 Subscribers & Counting

As a result of working with us, since 2015 we have:

  • Increased Ticket sales and attendance for the event year on year.
  • Increased the number of new members joining the ACCU organisation.
  • Created a YouTube channel that has grown from 0 to over 5000 subscribers and has had over 400,000 views
  • Increased the filming budget for each conference which has allowed us to use better filming equipment and produce better videos.
  • Have helped the event grow to a point where they now have sponsors for their YouTube videos which helps facilitate the cost of filming the conference.
  • Increased their following on Twitter and other social media platforms

Want To See More?

You can watch all of the 200+ presentations we have recorded by visiting the ACCU Conference YouTube Channel


CPP On Sea Case Study

CPPOnSea hosted its first annual conference between February 4th-6th 2019. As it was a new conference, the organisers were aware that there were a lot of unfamiliar moving parts that they needed to plan and organise. As a result, they really valued any assistance and experience to ensure that the conference went as smoothly as possible.

With this in mind, we were brought in after impressing the organisers with the videos we produced for the ACCU conference. Because this was a new conference, we provided help and advice to the organisers to ensure that we had everything we needed to film the talks from the conference which gave the organisers peace of mind.

During the conference, we:

  • Provided four cameras which recorded 32 talks across the two days.
  • Edited these 32 talks and uploaded them to YouTube.
  • Recorded the slides from the presentations which were then embedded into the videos.
  • Optimized each of the 32 YouTube videos to get as many views as possible.

A Smooth & Successful Conference

As a result of our services, we helped ensure that the conference ran very smoothly for the organisers. In addition, as a result of the YouTube videos:

  • The CPPOnSea YouTube channel has grown from 0 to over 900 subscribers in just over three months and has almost amassed over 34,000 views.
  • We increased their followers on Twitter and other social media platforms.

They can now use these statistics to help attract sponsors and increase their filming and conference budget for future events.

Want To See More?

You can watch all of the 30+ presentations we have recorded by visiting the CPPOnSea YouTube Channel


Rate Card & Packages

Talks/Presentation Filming Prices

1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days
1 Stage£800£1450£1920£2560
2 Stages£1450£2560£3840£5120
3 Stages£1920£3840£5760£7200
4 Stages£2560£5120£7200£8800
Includes manned camera operator with editing, radio mic and light per room per day

Additional Services

Event Preview£350
1 Minute Promo£700
2 Minute Promo£1000
Interviews* (each)£25
Additional Lighting (per stage per day)£50
Hard drive of all RAW footage£89
YouTube Optimization Service (Per Video - Minimum Of 5)£5
*Provided as standalone videos or as part of the promo

Conference Assets/Branding

Animated 3D Logo £175
(For projection or use in promo and/or talk videos)
Digital Agenda (for projection or display on screens)£175
Speaker Slides (for projection)£50 (for 10)
Conference Assets Package (1 x logo, 2x Agenda, 10x Speaker slides)£350

A/V Backline Services

Per Day
Projector £150
Mixing Desk£125
PA Speaker£65
Monitor Speaker£35
Wireless Microphone£35
Comfort Monitor£60
Sound Engineer£275
PA and Audio Infrastructure (Mics, Monitors, PA etc) ONE STAGE£750

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